i have a tube head but no cabinet

i am trying to use the speaker in my really small crate amp (its a marshall 50 watt head) and the crate is 15 watts

ive done it before so dont tell me it cant be done

now i am trying to use the speaker (no it will not blow because im not going to turn it that loud anyway) trying to use the speaker in my crate amp as a cabinet but what im really wondering is : is there any way to bypass the distortion so that i can just use speaker to amplify the head??????

heres the manual for the crate amp : http://www.stlouismusic.com/downloads/crate/owners_manuals/MX15R.pdf

please try and find a way and please dont tell me that it cant be done. please.

I think speaker's wattage will be too low, whether you turn the Marshall up or not. Anyhoo, just get a 1/4 jack, and wire it to the speaker of the Crate. Then plug the Marshall into that with speaker cable.
use the Effects send from the head to the effects return of the crate, you wont get the nice poweramp breakup howver. Note- i didnt read your post so sorry if this doesnt help.
Wait - fifty watts tube into a fifteen watt speaker? Do you want to destroy your speaker?
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