Hello, I finally got my Peavey Delta Blues 30 watt 1X15 100% tube combo amp. It sounds simply beautiful, and now I'm looking to accentuate my sound with pedals. I'm really looking for the sound in the chorus of Dani California by RHCP, and the sound of Readymade, by RHCP. I'm thinking for the Dani California sound, a big muff pi would be great, but I really don't know what pedal would get me the Readymade sound. Also, what are just some useful pedals to have? (Chorus, Delay etc.)
Congrats on the purchase .

How much are you willing to spend?
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The Big Muff Pi would work perfectly.

You should get a Chorus, and a good one will the Electro-Harmonix one.
Delay is also a good one to get. I'd say Memory Man, Line 6 DL4, or the Boss DD-20. A good phaser is the MXR Phase 90.

I can't think of anything else right now.
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it really depends on what you want
for RHCP id say go with chorus, delay, wah, fuzz...and add whatever else you might want

for chorus - EHX small clone
for delay - boss DD-3 or DD-6 (depends on what you want)
wah - vox (either the v847 or the clyde mccoy)
fuzz - EHX big muff

EDIT: check out this link to find out what effects John Frusciante used on for example readymade


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yes the DS-2 is the readymade tone
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You want a Big Muff, it'll nail the DC and Readymade sounds, aswell as almost all John's distorted tones.
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OMG, you need to get a stereo polychorus. Awesome chorus by EHX. Also, get the Flanger Hoax. this assumes you want to spend loads of money,

If not, then get the Fx75b, you can get a pretty good chorus out of it.
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Small Clone. I believe John used a DS-2 on the latest album as well.

yeah i saw it too. but im confused. i checked out musicians friend and it says it comes with a remote jack. what does that do?
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yeah i saw it too. but im confused. i checked out musicians friend and it says it comes with a remote jack. what does that do?

The DS-2 has two different distortion modes and you can put a footswitch to change between the two in the remote jack.
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