k i've got a Peavey Bandit 112 and since about 2 days ago i plug my guitar in and i get almost nothing... it hisses and if i turn it half way i can hear it faintly working and the low notes are really loud and i just dont no whats wrong with it.

I have tried 3 different guitar cords, to see if it maby is the problem. I havent turned it on excessivly loud either. Also i have tried my guitar in other amps and it works fine.

If anybody has any suggestions on what it could be or solutions to the problem please post.

Thanks in advance.
you may need to get the connection resoldered. dont try it yourself or wait just take it to a LOCAL shop, not gutiar cetner or daddys junky or anything take it to a small owned business and theyll do it fast cheap and a good job