Just a little question.. I bought a shure PG48 just to record some stuff with it and my PC, if I plug the mic to my amp it works but when I plug it into my PC I cant record anything at all, so I was reading a littlebit and I think I need a preamp? to amplify the Mic before it goes into the PC right?


is this a good preamp? if not can anyone recomend me one around that price range

Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated
It's kind of an entry level preamp, but it should work fine. You could also use the preamp of a little mixer (and split out of the insert) with fine results. You could also pick up the M-Audio Audio Buddy.

What is your sound card? If your don't have a low latency soundcard, you are going to run into trouble with overdubbing. You may consider getting a sound card with preamps built in.

Check out my sound card wizard in my signature.

Thanks a lot I already ordered this preamp 2 days ago, it should get here by tomorrow or monday, this is my first time trying to record with something else than a PC mic so I think it would be good for now and then if I get more into recording I will upgrade in the future.

I got integrated audio... BUT! Im upgrading next friday, when i get my next paycheck , I've been reading a littlebit and I think Im getting this card


Is it good for recording guitar and some vocals? well I mean overall recording , I will be recording alone for some time and in a few months maybe I will record with a friend that plays bass

By the way, I did the wizard but got an error message at the end
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