I play a lot of metal rhythms and I can do pinch harmonics but I have no idea how people go right from palm muting to a pinch harmonic. When i do a pinch harmonic I have to choke up on the pick and it's very hard for me to switch from holding the pick normal to choking up in like a fraction of a second so that I can go from a nice chuggin' rhythm into a PH seamlessly...Any advice on overcoming this? I hope what I'm saying makes sense...
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ill just say what everyone else says... practice, practice, practice.

well if it is simple as that, then thats fine...I was just wondering if other people are able to choke up and then go back to normal holding of the pick with ease or if they have a different technique or somethin...
i dont really hold my pick different when doing a pinch harmonic, just position my hand a little differently then normal.
I kinda have the same problem. I have to do harmonics with an upstroke if I don't have time to choke up the pick.
yeh just try and do pinch harmonics with the pick in the same position but just change the position of your hand. also depending on where you want the PH you can do other things like use ur other frretboard fingers to make the harmonic but thats kinda hard to explain in writing.