Ok to start things off, back almost a year ago, I had a pretty big to play (1st one) I needed at half-stack so I hastely -(Sp?) bought a behringer half-stack....It's not bad like a lot of their products but it's obviously not top of the line...

So anyway I have a behringer half-stack and I want to upgrade in the near future. What Should I look into? What brand, wattage, ect...

I play Metal...I play heavy stuff, but I play a lot of lead bass riffs and solos/sweeps so I need a good high end also. I have an Ibanez SR506 six string as my main bass. If that helps any, but I really need to guiding to a really good dependable half or full stack and a Price range for it. Thanks Appreciated
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What about an Eden Nemesis 410 Combo? They have 325W, and run under a grand.
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Maybe an Ampeg SVT 8x10 (800W RMS) or SVT 6x10 (600W RMS). Both are around $700-$1000 USD.
Get a full stack. Avoid an 8x10 like the plauge! I dont' care how it sounds! It sucks when you need 4 people to load up you Bass rig for playing shows!

Though if you are REALLY serious about getting that DREAM RIG, get a multiamp setup! My dream amp is a 1200W tube amp going into a 21"sub and a 750W solid state going into a halfstack or a 6x10 (or equiveleint) With a dual preamp, 31 band sterio rackmount EQ, with gateing, and an assload of studio quality effects! (in total that will be a $7k setup)