I have a feeling that this will be a noob question but, I just recently put on new strings on my acoustic and when I play the open low E string it buzzes and it sounds like its coming from the head. I'm thinking that maybe i just put the strings on bad. Hopefully i don't sound too stupid with this question.

Hehe, just posted this in another thread actually.


Click the first link (On to the...) and then pick "The buzz appears to be coming from the neck or peghead" and wish for good luck. You could also just take it in to a local guitar technician and have it setup properly. It would probably be a good idea anyways.
The nut might have been wobbled out up at the top.. Even the slightest hair can make it buzz. i had this problem and took it to the GC and they put a new nut on it. This usually happens on Older guitars. or roughly played guitars. i play rough...rawr.. wow..no

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check how you have the string wrapped onto the post. Make sure it winds down toward the headstock, not upward i.e. toward the top of the tuner post.


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