Right now I'm hearing it a lot cause Spring Break is next week
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"Ass Fuckingly Loud"

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its not so much a word as a phrase


dear sweet pepsi....those always suck

i b'a'luvin'meh da wurdz n00b, nub, N@@B, Boon, |\|008
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If I can't masturbate to childrens cartoons then this country isn't great.

seriously, it sounds ****ing weird...
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You're Thurstonsexual

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The public doesn't want new music; the main thing that it demands of a composer is that he be dead.
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It's the gayest word in the English language. In fact, I thought that "Brokeback Mountain" should have been called "Two Equestrians."

/Lewis Black moment
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

Don't blame us if we ever doubt you, you know we couldn't live without you.

I'm oedipus, bitch, the original balla
Bust out my 9, light up your Impala
fuck that police!

DUDE, cun-t is the best worddd everr
it's like. . . vagina, just more offensive

mine is nipples btw.
Am i allowed to say erection?

p.s. erection, hahahaha.
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Vagina. The word makes me paranoid. I could talk about the urogenital diaphragm, ischiocavernosus muscle, renal veins, etc. but vagina just disturbs me. Thank god I'm not going into gynaecology. All those vaginas...
i hate when people use the word "douchebag" excessively
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"I cut my own penis off and ate it"

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I will never forgive Webster for that.
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it makes me paranoid, i always think OH SHIT THEY KNOW!!!!

but i dont think too many people know HOW MUCH i do it.