Alright first off if you havent seen the show metalocalypse yet you should start watching it, its one the funniest shows ever and it comes on adult swim(see adultswim.com for details).
It's like a modern day animated spinal tap because its a parody of metal bands and music. The show itself is based on a fictional metal band named Dethklok who according to the show is the worlds most famous band ever and the 12 largest economy in the world.

Its 6 members are

Swissgarr Skwiglef,lead guitar-the worlds fastest guitarest alive.
Toki Wartooth'rhythem guitar second fasetest guitarest alive.
William Murderface,bassguitarmost br00tal bassist ever.
Pickles the drummer,Drums- was lead guitarist and vocals in the la rock band snakes n' barrels.
Nathan Explosion,vocals-The most brutal singer ever and the lyrical visionary of dethklok.
This is an awesome show Watch it!!!(they also have some episodes on myspace and youtube.)
!!! METAL!!!
There are only 5 members lol. Also, we have all been fans for months. Take it to the adult swim or dethklok thread.

Theres already a big dethklok thread... and normally im not one to post like this but jesus christ search.