Ive played guitar for about 3 years and i recently realized i mainly use my index finger and my little finger when playing, so i was just wondering if anyone else just used 2 or 3 main finger.
i always try to use all my fingers equally, but my pinky isn't as strong as my other fingers.
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Quote by jackson001
i always try to use all my fingers equally, but my pinky isn't as strong as my other fingers.

same here... my pinkies are really short too.
well yeah i can use all my fingers and i'm pretty much equally asd good with all of them but my middle finger and ring finger just don't feel comfortable for most stuff, unless im playing a fast solo
I play enough songs with my pinky to have it nice and strong.
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mines are my thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers.
no pinky. i roll them up and never use it except in chords.
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I used to be a three finger special, but I addresed this and now use all my fingers equally. If you dont use your pinky, spend ages playing scales and make sure to use your pinky properly.
Sometimes I'll purposely use my pinky in an odd fingering just to exercise it more. Now I use it all the time. And since im almost always in "box" form whatever the fingering requires i simply use that finger.
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I use pretty much only my index and ring for rhythm playing. I use all my fingers but rarely my pinky in lead.
My pinky is double jointed, and thus hard to shred with.
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Use them all equally, though I never used my pinky when I started, so I learned to sweep pick. Now I use it all of the time.
My index always finds a way in if I let it, so I started practicing a lot of things with the other three. Some of which I actually find more comfortable and reliable due to my fat fingers. And then there's scales...
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I use four fingers. Once you learn to use all of them, playing becomes easier.
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