I bought lots of pedals like a whammy and a roland synth but they never get used!. Does anyone else have similar experiences.
Whammy pedal is cool

I don't have any really unused pedals. Just... pedals that I use

I don't have that many pedals anyways.
I never use my wah wah, but that's because it's an off brand peice of shit and I get pissed when ever I use it... I know I'll sell it...
No, not really. You must just be weird that way.

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i have a wah wah the i never use from dunlop and a boss ds-1
they work as dust collectors..
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well...since you're not using the whammy...can i have it?......please? lol
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well...since you're not using the whammy...can i have it?......please? lol

a wah wah is different from a whammy
I just sold six pedals that I didn't use, well atleast not enough to justify owning them. A boss compressor, a boss metal zone (bought it, a matrix tuner and a boss power supply on ebay for 38$, sold em for almost 100) the matrix tuner, a boss noise suppressor (a good gate but I didn't like the sound of the noise slowly fading back as the note faded) a morley wah/volume - cause It sucked ass, terrible wah. It's more like wih or weh than wah. And a pod 2.0 because all the distortion allowed me to play really sloppy so when I played clean, or any normal amount of distortion, it would sound bad.

Now I have the only two that I actually use, but I might get a Keeley katana or a VS H2O soon. Dunno, anyone have any experience with those pedals? I played em at a local high end guitar shop, liked em but didn't have a lot of time to mess with them.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

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0o0o0 and also i have a digitech rp 100 which i bought for $20 off some idiot but i don't use it anymore..

i need to sell all this crap and get myself that delay pedal i always wanted..
I have a few, some are cool but don't work right and I plan on getting them fixed, a few I'll break out every once in awhile but they don't fit what I normally do. Luckily my backups don't get used much either.
Ha ha I have a Boss overdrive, a Boss compresser/sustainer and an Ibanez Wah that I never use...
that can happen but normal people just sell them you freak...
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like i bought lots of pedals thinking they would become my new sound but i cant be bothered pluggin them all in and play through the amp.
A mate of mine had quite a good board, Voodoo labs Tremolo, Boss Dynamic Wah, Line 6 Delay, Visual Sound American Overdrive, some other pedal, and a Pod XT Live.
I remember him saying to me that most of the time, you'll have effects you'll never use. (Now he only uses the VS OD, Line 6 Delay and teh Pod.)

After him telling me that, I was able to use that advice to keep my board to a minimum.
Boss Phase Shifter PH3, Marshall Vibratrem and Digitech RP50 (I'm trying to get rid of it so I can get the Zoom G2.1u)

Still, I'd REALLY REALLY REALLY like a Whammy. (I don't see how anyone can just let it sit there, seroiusly)
I'm trying to sell my crybaby because I just never use it anymore! I'm planning on finding pedals that color my tone rather than one's who change my frequency of tone >_>....cool effect though...I just never really use it.
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Ill take that synth off your hands if u want. I dont use my Korg G-3 processor much anymore.
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Meh, I've only got one pedal, My Russian Big Muff Pi! (Huzzah for I.) But for my birthday I'm adding 2 more, probably the Boss tuner and the Blues Driver.
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i have my boss ph3 phase shifter which i hardly ever use. i use it wen i am mucking around sometimes but never used it for a gig.
If I had a Digitech Whammy II that'd be so badass

I love the shit Buckethead does with it.
I never used my chorus, so I sold it.

I pretty much use every pedal now.
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I never use the footswitch I got with my MG100HDFX as whenever I play that amp I cry and wish I was a rhino. So I don't play it anymore, just play unplugged for the time being.
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I'm amazed that noone mentioned the Herman Li signature enhancement pedals, which are really useless because they make you play faster than you want to ;P

But seriously... It's nice to have a multi-fx board, so you can try everything out and make a "wishlist" which single pedals you might buy in the future.
I almost never use the compressor, but thats just me.
Ring, Drone and Synths are also barely used, although I'll go midi in the future.
Well and some exotic types of chorus and delay, but if you fiddle around, you might get nice results. But in my opinion, they are one-trick-ponies.
^ seconded.

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why'd you get thos pedals then???
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I never used my DS-1, because it sounded like crap, so I sold it and bought a TS9 instead.

Similar story with my GCB-95 Cry Baby; sold it and got a (much better) Vox.
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Ha ha I have a Boss overdrive, a Boss compresser/sustainer and an Ibanez Wah that I never use...

So if you don't use them, how much are you selling them for? I'd be interested in the CS-3.
The only pedal I barely use is the MXR Blue Box mostly because it's a "novelty" pedal and not because it sounds bad
I bought a Danelectro Fab Metal to compensate the lack of gain of my Crate GX10, now i bought a Microcube and never used the pedal since.
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