It varies per school

Edit-X: Mine's next week if that helps you any.
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mines in April
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The last week of April.

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april 2nd - 8th

I'm going to disneyworld with my band too!
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miiiiiines.... in weeks i think... i dunno... im going to see a few concerts though... im driving to california (from alabam), from californina to new orleans and from new orleans to memphis and then back home to tuscaloosa al
mine was actually like, 2 weeks ago. kinda sucked with snow still all over the place
yeah its different for every school. mines next week
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april 5-9
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Spring Break? Is that the same as Easter? If it is, then I still can't help you because I have no idea when that is either

All I know is that I get five weeks off ^_^
mine starts on the 12th
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