So, I've been writing songs for a while and never really decided to post any on UG. Well, My first upload is going to be an acoustic peice i recently (yesterday) wrote. I tryed to make it reminiscent of Coheed and Cambria and kind of like a Lullaby. I think i succeeded. umm. That's about it. I'll probably post another song tomarrow or something.

Edit: It Sounds Better with RSE
Sweet Dreams.zip
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I really like it. It gets really good at "C". Before that, it sounds like one of guitar 1's notes in the chords are sharp. What chords are those? (I know what key, but what type?)

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Not bad, not really my type of song but its still pretty cool. Reminds me of Christmas for some reason, I don't know why.
I really liked this song, and a vocal line would go great with this. The two guitars complement each other perfectly throughout the song. Definatly gets the lullaby sound you mentioned, especially at H, a great outro.
My only suggestion would be to perhaps loosen up the rhythm, perhaps keeping it less rigid and more flowing. But other than that it's a great little piece.

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