dont turn away from me
please dont leave me now
i wont sleep
untill your dawning back into my arms
dont you feel any simpathy
youve left me with no home to crawl to
please oh please come back to me.
its to far,
i cant see oh
someone sheild my eyesfrom this darkmess
i cant handle this without you
its tearing me from the inside
with only days left
i feel defeated
without you.
At first I was going to give you tips...
But this is obviously a real feeling from something that happened.
Just be honest, and fix up anything that doesn't quite fit.
You can't play with sincerity too much.
Main Gear:
Cort G-Series 254
Takamine EG345C 12-String
Fender Squier P-Bass

Peavey Classic 50
Laney HCM65B

$75 Junk Drums w/ B8 Hats/Crash/Ride