I've always found the passion behind Spanish style music very intriguing and powerful, well suited to what I like to hear and the type of person I am. However, I have had some trouble finding a reliable source regarding Spanish and flamenco on guitar. If anyone knows a good website, or other source, or even if you could just tell me some basic chords and progressions, that would be greatly appreciated
Not very accurate here and there. Search Wikipedia for a better explanation.
Spanish music is diverse style that contains flamenco culture. However it includes other forms of music and art forms, not just flamenco alone.

Flamenco is in a world of its own, and not just 'Spanishy' riffs, scales and chord progressions. Neither is it about the rasgueado, picado, golpe, alzapua etc. These techniques are for the expression of flamenco on a guitar. Simply using these techniques and 'Spanishy-sounding' riffs will simply make you a rip-off.
I'd suggest Dennis Koster's "Flamenco"

It's a decent method book, shouldn't be too hard to find.
Hmm I don't claim to be an expert or to even know alot about it. If truely serious about the culture, research online, in books and even at foroflamenco.com if you like. Many of them will be willing to share info and resources, pretty nice people there.

For a starting out method book, I HIGHLY recommend Gerhard Graf-Matinez's 2-volume flamenco guitar method books. (Not the Gypsy Guitar method!) Those come with a CD containing all the exercises. If you can afford, they have DVDs to go along with it for visual explanations. Juan Martin's basic flamenco method is more traditional but great nonetheless.

Both these books will give you pretty solid grounding in compas (flamenco rhythm) knowledge and flamenco right-hand techniques. Good luck with it! It's not easy, especially learning on your own but it sure is alot of fun imo. I personally apply my flamenco knowledge to my classical guitar playing (my main style) in terms of technique and interpretation. Really useful and interesting.