Hah, my first completed song that I'm posting...

Not much to say, I'll let you say what you will....

Arch Enemy, Megadeth, and Children of Bodom inspired...

I'm not too fond of the first keyboard solo, but, It's there for now.

and I still don't have a title for it... workin on that....

Crit 4 Crit
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I really like it!
Your fills were almost all great.
Only a few gripes...
In the intro, the backing organ dominated a little too much making the guitar inaudible.

Lead guitar on bar 35 needs to resolve better.

Here is my suggestion:

--13 / 19~--13--12~~

Slide from the 13 in bar 34 to 19 and add vibrato. Then play 13 straight and 12 with vibrato. Just a suggestion.

The chorus needs more imo.

As does Guitar solo 2 (Not that I could write solos myself )

I like the outro. Imo that is your strongest melody. With a little work this can be really great. But for now, I still like it, good job.

Not sure if it's your style (It's Metal but more thrash than anything) but Crit Mine?
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wooh! this went down the page a tad quickly... haha thanks for your crit

I'm still workin on it of course, and yeah, the second guitar solo isn't that fantastmical... i'm workin on that right now.
~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
Letters to Zaya
Definitely some cool ideas

the drum break should be taken out all together it doesn't really add anything to the section. and with all your drum parts avoid not hitting the bass drum a lot of phases feel like they are ruined for lack of bass drum. Other than that its a pretty tight song, some space could be made for some more verse but good work.

check mine out if you get the chance
Very nice! You nailed the metal sound, very good use of the scales and harmonies. I loved the first bridge and the first break the most. This song is full of great ideas and has tons-o-potential. Keep it goin, I look forward to seeing this tab again when/if you make any alterations.
that was epic! the guitar rhythms were amazing. The chorus was awesome. The one slight problem, and it is only slight, is that the keyboard is a little overpowering. if that's turned down though, ooooo, there's nothing i can to it thats anything near bad, it was simply astonishingly good!

It was pretty good, filled with ideas but they need more work! It definitely has a "dream theater sound", which is good! The leads were decent, not awesome, just decent, but just like the riffs they have potential, so work on them! The keyboard added a lot of colour but in some places it just got plain annoying, maybe cut down on it a little... .

overall: 7.5/10, with a little more work here and there: 9/10

crit mine?

It definitely sounded like Dream theater. I wouldn't say it was so melodic, it gave me kinda horror feeling... You used some egyptian scales at the beginning I think. Drum fills were good. Think more about the melody. Good work though

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Dude that was pretty good...i liked the style...it reminded me a lot of Dream Theater. I was doubting it at the begginning but overall it had some cool riffs and solos...id probably have to give it a 7.5/10. Not bad at all, but nothing outstanding in it.