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Medium (45(or 50)-105)
51 57%
Medlight (40(or45)-100)
24 27%
Light or heavy
15 17%
Voters: 90.
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Quote by maXterbat0r
On my SR500 I still have the stock strings, which I'm guessing is 45-100, and the action is pretty low. It has a rattly sorta sound to it, I find.

Change them strings boy!!!! Sly Taco uses Rotosounds 105 Swing bass somethin's.
I actually carved the nut on my bass and use 5 string strings on a 4 stringer. It's a bitch to get it to tune to standard just right, but when it's right, it's got this beefy low growl to it that I just love to death.
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Hi Bassillo long time no see, nice to have you back.

I use 135, 105, 85, 65, 55 on my Stingray5 & G&L L2500, I prefer the extran Punch that the 55s give to the G string, as I said in a previous thread 54 was the satandard G in the 60s.
because I'm getting on a bit I prefer a very low action and no buzz it's easier on my aging fingers.
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^ I think someone before me resurrected this, Bassilo only started this thread in February, but hopefully he's still around now and again.
...Still a thread worth posting in. I use DR Marcus Miller strings. They go .045-.105. I'm thinking of switching to heavy flatwounds upon picking up fretless bass. Good or bad idea?

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I have a 4 string and i use the heaviest strings i can fin 105. The only reason i go so high cause i play in a hardcore band and we play in a#.
Quote by XnaKedblinkFrek
I have a 4 string and i use the heaviest strings i can fin 105. The only reason i go so high cause i play in a hardcore band and we play in a#.

105 is not a high gauge string.
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i use Rotosound Swing 66's, nickel on steel, 45-105. they are marked "standard" gauge. i am curious about a heavier G, since Sir John mentioned it. might have to buy 2 sets next time.
i like mediums on my 4 strings and heavys on my 5 string last time i went to buy strings for my 5string i forgot to buy heavy like i decided iw as going to >.< oh well ..next time
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