Yes, I know there's a lot of virginity threads out there. I tried searching anything like this but the search bar wasn't working properly. Anywho, I lost the big V last February. Not sure what day, but no matter. Me and my g/f of the time were going at it, you know, some "petting" and stuff like that at her place. I was practicing with my friends to be in a talent show for their school, and since mine was the only house with a drumset that we were able to practice at, my friends said they would come by around 10. They got done with whatever they were doing early, swung by my house, and called me. I told them we were watching a movie and that I'd be home shortly. I did hint that something was going on other than a movie, though. About a half hour later, I get a phone call from my dad asking why my friends are at the house and I'm not. I was nowhere near finishing, and so I had to leave. Did anyone get screwed over (Sorry for the pun) on their first time?
I havent lost mine yet but i feel sorry for you man cause thats pretty crap for you.
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Overall, it was a good day, I guess. Later that night, me, those 2 friends, and another stayed at the 'anothers' house. we took a bunch of cuervo, snuck out, got a ride from my sisters friend, picked up chicks, went to her house with me and 'another' riding in the trunk. not smart, considering i was the only one who knew how to get there. first time i was ever hammered as well. we broke up the next week because she said i was immature that night. oh well.

oh yeah, and 'another' is jonathan. i was trying to be lazy. didnt really work.
I saw that, but it was asking when we lost our virginity. I was asking for messed up stories about the first time
"Do you wanna?"

"Yeah, why not"

"oh.. oh.. oh... i'm done"

"ok, you can get off me now"

that's 5 minutes of my life i'm never getting back.