Hii. I just bought this processor and I am having trouble with the settings. Can anyone please tell me the tone settings for 'Scotty doesn't know' from the movie Eurotrip on the rp80?
what a horrible song if u want a easy song

Smells like teen spirit ?????? Nivarna?
Well its not the song......its actually that guitar tone I am looking for....lots of punk songs happen to use that tone....
Have no idea what that song is??? I assume you mean a Digitech rp80? I used to use a Digitech rp100a. Different guitars/pickups/amps are going to sound completely different with the same settings. You have to just experiment with the thing. I can tell you that I found the Mesa Dual Rectifier emulation sounded the best for distortion to me. Add a little spring reverb, and mess around with the cabinet emulations and you should be able to get close. Also if you have humbuckers and a solid state amp try the pickup simulation that is humbucker to single coil, it will still sound like a humbucker but won't be as muddy. Try using a flat eq on the amp and fine tuning with the rp80s eq.