on Today Tonight there was an investigation into drugs in schools. So they got two 14yr old girls to carry a hidden camera around and ask school kids for drugs. they were at the local shopping complex and were talking to two guys from my school n one of em is like "yeah hold on." pulls out phone "oi i got two random chicks here, you wanna sell some"
lol their faces are blurred but one is wearing the uniform and you can still tell who they are if you know them. lol they got pwnd.

there in the vid at 4:48 one is in a striped uniform shirt, other in black singlet.
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It's really not that hard... almost all women are sluts.

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do u rlly think a girl will come to school in the morning and interrupt ur conversation screaming "Hey i nailed my own poonaner last nite and came like a hurricane YEA BABII"
haha i saw that. when i was in yr 10 my friend was a dealer and id buy everday. the world doesnt revolve without them, god bless em HAHA
Today Tonight is a load of crap. Even A Current Affair is better than that.
Today Tonight can't find legit stories so they make stuff up. They were knocked down a week or so ago when they chained an old woman to a cupboard and blamed it on her nursing home.
did any of you guys ever see "frontline"? the parody of current affairs shows.
its so fuking funny because those shows are so shit that the frontline bits could replace real current affairs shows
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haha i'd love to see my school mate selling drugs xDxD

you know what think about it...
as long as you can stay on marjuana or better... if oyu don't do it so frequently it's still okay.. i'd nevah try ohter drugs ( i already tried this one )

EDIT: i get them from my school mate .. (FOR FREE) yeey
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yer some girl from the school near my school was on there smoking pot.

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