hey guys, my friend is buying a new bass guitar....he has chosen these guitars:
1- ltd f-104
2- fender mb-4
3- b.c rich warlock bass
which of these do u recommend and why ?...are the b.c rich basses as bad as guitars or are they better ??
I've never heard of the Fender MB-4.

Judging from the low-end choices, your friend must be just beginning to play bass; in that case, the ESP might be a pretty decent starter off that list.

He also might want to look into the Spector Performer series, or maybe the Peavey Milleniums. Ibanez and Yamaha make great beginner basses as well. All the ones I just listed are VERY good for their price - better than the ones he has chosen, IMO.

And BC Rich are pretty shoddy, unless you're looking at their Custom Shop or NJ series (whichever is the highest end).
due to the choices im presuming hes going to be playing heavy stuff, so im going to say the ltd.
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Ibanez and Yamaha make great beginner basses as well.

yeh i agree, ifnot.. out of those choices.. the ltd

i wouldnt go for a bc rich
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Out of those choices then probably the ltd but as said, yamaha and ibanez make great low-budget basses. And it's a squier MB-4 i think
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I would head for the squier, I have an Affinity P Bass and although I've had it so long and bits of it are falling off I still love it and the sound is better than a lot of more expensive basses.