i was watching john mayer do this


at 4:32, he starts a solo where he strums it and mutes it quickly... or osmething like that. It has that punching feel.

I'm not sure exactly what he's doing. is he just slamming the flat pick into the guitar and quickly muting certain strings? Using his thumb to mute the bass strings and strumming the rest?

I think it's hard for me to explain, but i hope someone knows what i'm talking about. heh.
well, its hard to tell what exactly you're talkin about there considering theres a full song there.

But I believe you mean the strummed mutes. It is in no way difficult what so ever. all he's doing is fretting a chord. where the sound is 'muted' he leaves his fingers on the strings but doesn't push down to let the notes ring out, he rhythmically presses down so you get the voicing of the chord.

It's a pretty bog standard thing. on a tab it'd be notated as a bunch of x's.


not actually what he's playing, just a demonstration