Anyone own this amp? i thinking of getting it to replace my Crate combo but the reviews ive read didnt really recommend it for metal. so does anyone know first hand what this thing is capable of distortion wise?
if you want something brutal, try finding a used Peavey XXX Super 40. they're not produced anymore, but i got one for 500€... but ****ing deal of my life! totally insane.

keep it metal man.
They'll do metal, but depending on your tastes you might want to add an overdrive.

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search this board, there are tons of threads about this very topic
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I tried a peavey valve king briefly, it seemed a very versatile amp, more than capable of metal, although it's not ultra high gain, more than enough chunk for riffs and solo's. If you want more gain then yes an overdrive pedal, or a compressor will push it over. Also bear in mind it is valve, so cranking it will add the valve compression that will probably give you the tone you want - so an attenuator might be a good idea as well, especially given the cheap price of the amp it's not too much more to get one.