Hey guys,

I'm looking to replace the stock pickups (Duncan Designed, based on the JB/Jazz) in my Schecter S-1 Elite. I play through an ENGL Screamer, and I play mainly hard rock, punk, hardcore, and older metal (early Metallica, etc). Here's what I'm looking for:

BRIDGE - I like the gain/output of the bridge pickup I already have - around 16k. However, I find it very muddy indeed. I'm looking for an extremely tight pickup, with loads of clarity, HOWEVER not compressed sounding like EMGs. Lots of low mid and bass sound, but with good trebs too. I like the tone of Sum-41 and Story of the Year, very tight palm-muting, lots of low-mids. That's the kind of rhythm sound I'm looking for. Mid to high gain, lots of clarity, but not compressed sounding.

NECK - I'm looking for a bit more gain than the Jazz copy. I want a really thick, creamy lead tone, but I need versatility because I use my neck for cleans. Again, clarity is good too.

What do y'all reckon? I've got a budget of up to around £200 for the set, and I'm in the UK.
Look into Bareknuckle's, the Warpig in the bridge would probably give you exactly what you want.

They jizz all over EMG's
Yeah I was looking into Bareknuckles, but the problem is that everyone kept recommending different things, and all the sound clips sounded different, so it made it really hard to know what to judge...
The reviews over at harmony central are all 10's for it, i'm thinking of getting the matched set of warpigs just to see what they're like