well, let me get started.
me and some friends are starting a band. right? but the problem is that the closest one of us lives near the other is about 20, perhaps 30 kilometres away! (i dont know how much that is in miles.)
all of us are also at different stages:
lead guitar (yours truly): 4 years experience (also the frontman, i guess)
rhythm guitar: about 3-4 months
drummer: none (but he does it okay)

but my parents have a friend who does a radio show on community radio every friday nite, and im wondering whether or not to go on, and so i want to start this band as soon as possible.
so, do i start the band, get about 2 months practice in and go on the radio? or just wait when theres a better chance?
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.. really? hes actually had the guitar since november, so that's about five months, right?

.. you have a point. hopefully he'll start learning power chords and tab soon enough.

the drummer, however, knows how to do it. so i hope they both can live up to standards.
i think with these two other musicians, with you being so much more advanced, you'll probably get frustrated quite a lot, but it can be made to work.
the fact that the drummer's my best friend probably helps a bit too, i guess. ive talked to them today actually as well - im not quite sure if the rhythm guitarist is quite ready yet, so i might kick him out, and get someone else in.
at 5 months of experience at guitar he should be able to play powerchords.... btw thats when i started reading tabs too... so who is gunna be vocals?

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