Hey everyone, wondering if you can help me out with something here, this saturday is my girlfriend's birthday (18) and i want to make it extra special for her. For the past few years she's suffered with a shitty birthday, she plays basketball for her school and on her birthday last year she tore her ACL. Again, she has a game this year on her birthday and it starts at the same time that i was going to hold a party for her, anyone have any good, romantic ideas? Thanks.
Dump her. That's what I did for my girlfriend a week before her birthday.

Seriously though, just do something original. Get a ladder and take her on the roof of ur house to chill and look at stars or some shit. It's free, and young, impressionable chicks are ready for bed after that sentimental crap anyway.
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Paint your entire body in her teams colours and run naked across the court while singing happy birthday or you can take her somewhere nice for dinner.
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buy her a vibrator, thats what i did for valentines day.

+1. saves you time and energy when you have better things to do and when you sleep with her its like giving her 2 cocks so she will try harder to please you...

...or maybe not.
plan somethign big for the basketball game when they have a warm-up period before the game. Like, when they start running out onto the court go do crazy stuff to say happy birthday. You could go ask the announcer to say its her birthday too and get the whole crowd to sing too.

And then meet up with her after the game and have some fun
If you don't think she'd be embarrassed, make her a sign, saying "Happy Birthday, _______" and hold it up during the game, if you're going to it.

No ideas for the party though.
my last post was a joke......i have no idea what you should do for her.......maybe take her out to eat.......but it has to be a nice place.........not dennys........sorry i was rambling..........its my own way of showing my thought process in my posts

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ok... this is a lou dog classic. i did this last year for my gfs birthday..

what you need to do
A. Find a airbrush artist that does temp tatoos
B. Figure out your girlfriends name

ok go to the airbrush artist and get them to write your gfs name on your arm but mis-spelt... then go to her birthday party and show it to her.... then if she doesnt say anything.... be like.... that retard and run away crying... and if she does be like... your kidding right... this is how your mom told me to spell it... then run away crying
Sleep with her, without having sex! Women love that kind of thing.
A Seven Nation army couldn't hold me back.
rape her in the middle of the game
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dress up as a giant rubber penis and tackle her during the game. trust me, ittl be funny.
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let ur penis do the thinking.. i let mine

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Farting IS funny. Deal with it, or you'll be lonely forever.
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dress up as a giant rubber penis and tackle her during the game. trust me, ittl be funny.

and have a friend dress as a vagina and chase him around the court.
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...seriously record a song and burn it on a cd. Then make some creative picture of a heart, put it all together and walla, or you could just play for her

but as a gift you have to actually pay for *shudders* I have no idea

actually for an 18 year old.. that might now work... oh well I tried
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Ok all of the above replies is why we don't come to the pit for birthday gift's help.

Get her something you know she'll like and some massageoil, then later on give her a swedish massage.