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Im quite new in the songwriting part of the world, but here is the first song ive made, so some crits would be nice

Im planning to make some lyrics, but i need to know if the song is good.
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The intro would be nicer if the notes rang out. but prttey good in all
I Liked the choice of bass notes.
the Solo guitar should have been distorted
the parts like 41-47 should have had drums
I didnt like the transition out of the solo

Other than that it was alright. For a first song, your doing better than some people i've seen on here. You should tighten up a few of those loose ends, and youll be fine
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awsome work!! too bad i couldn't see that myself ;D

If just some more people wanted to crit it...
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Good work. There could been more riffs and more variations. I liked the solos, you are pretty good doing them I sugget for adding more instruments in this song ex. synth in the intro.
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