Well what is the job/jobs that you would like to have as a steady career in ?
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This one is never going to pop up..

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I think that will be the most popular answer to this thread.
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Musician....It's all I'm really good at and what I'm most known for to my friends.
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you are a real guitarist when you are not ashamed about masturbating to musicians friend magazine.
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Musician....It's all I'm really good at and what I'm most known for to my friends.

You know what's sad? Playing bass is all I'm good at, and I'm not even that good.
Music journalist, like a writer for Kerrang! or something.
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Civil Lawyer. I'm getting there.

Dirk, I have some questions regarding professionals relating to law. If I give you a PM later, would you mind answering some questions?

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No problem, fire away. Or if you have a fairly lengthy/complicated question, shoot me an email, which you can link to in my profile.
Hi, I'm Peter
Hmm, web developer.

Hey Dirk, d'you mind answering something for me too? Copyright/trademark-related law?
My name is Marc! Silly username.
Professional advice is one thing, legal advice is another. Your best bet for quick and dirty answers is the government Copyright/Trademark websites. That's the place I'd look to answer your question anyway.
Hi, I'm Peter
When I'm 18 I will win the lottery and be free to pursue my musical career for the rest of my life.
Cory is a girl's name too.


aim me at corysmash196
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I'd really like to be a music producer.

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I haven't decided yet. I think I may do something in aviation and just be a musician and web developer as hobbies.
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A guitarist in an amzing metal band but the chances of that are little so I think I'm going to be a Marketing Executive

Pays well and I'm good at business
I have nothing to say
i´d love to be nurse (my work now) but i´d love to be a musician like everyone else here or designer!!!
i'd love to be a french *****, you know?

they gots a gud reputation

so yeah, ya no?
i think id be a good french *****....
own a custom guitar shop!!
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i would like to be an electrical engineer... actually its what im goin to be so...