ive never had a band before...i dont even have the slightest clue where to begin, well i tried making one band and it fell apart because the ppl were too self centered and also had a problem with my gf for one reason or another. my second band i tried to make just, never even took off because the members found other bands before i got mine together.

now, i have 2 guitarists and a vocalist...i want to get a band together but i dont know what precautions i should take in order to keep this one together.

its only 3 people, but our vocalist knows other people like drummers, and one of our guitarists could play bass for now...

any suggestions?
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U have to adjust with a band other wise its not gonna work. U have to adjust to each others music style, sense, equipment, sound, everything. U guys have to know each other well in terms of music.
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Anyone can be inspired
And practice all day
But its those that are
Inspired each and every day
That achieve success
Understand that not everything will go smoothly

You will have good times/practises and bad times/practises

Don't give up just because things seem a little bad at a given time
Just make sure that one person isnt dragging the rest of you down, and make sure that you all agree on the type of music you are playing and hang out outside of band practice to get to know each other better. Become almost best friends with everyone in the band.