i play my tunes with an Ibanez RG100 and well, the guitar is holding up quite nicely despite the amp cable jack unscrewing from time to time and well, the biggest problem with it is...

the body is cracking at the bottom of the neck where it bolts onto the guitar. like, you have the white body...and how it sort of folds up along the sides of the neck...right there is a crack on each side as if the bolts arent tight...but they are. dammit, im going to have to get pics because i suck at explaining stuff.

if anyone knows what i mean...do you know what i can do to prevent further cracking? if you are totally clueless because i cant explain stuff, ill get pics.
its normal having neck joint cracks on the older square heel joint, you cant really avoid it. The lightest problem is that you'll have only the outer paint coating crack, not the inside. Heavier problem would be something similar to Vai's Evo.
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Neck joint finish cracks are pretty much an Ibanez trademark -just one of those endearing little quirks
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ok, well thats good to know but should i be afraid of the guitar busting in half?
^ no you shouldnt, you should worry about your playing more. Even if it does split in half, there's nothing you could do (well, dont wish for it to split...).
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
lol ok, yeah...makes sense to me...sometimes i hear a creaking noise...but thats not to often so i think im good.