Hey guys, just uploaded a recording of a song me and our singer wrote together called Northern Star. I recorded it on my mp3 player, but it's not bad quality. Basically Phil (our singer) handed me a scrap of paper with the lyrics on it and some chords and we went through it and 15 minutes later we recorded this rough version. Please excuse the crap playing on my part (I play clean electric, Phil played acoustic) as I had only learned it 15 minutes prior! And the 'solo' is improvised.

Please let us know what you think. Any criticism will be taken into account when we record it properly.


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id really like to hear a, um, more 'evolved' version of this song. the tune sounds pretty good, sounds like phil has a nice voice. and the first half of the solo was very fitting, improvised or not, i suggest that you try to get something close to it again.

mind giving me a listen?
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