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It sounds retarded but what songs have bits that make you crack up in hysterics.
Whether it be for the lyrics or for musicianship that can only be laughed at because of nerves.
Mine would have to be the Meshuggah song my brother listens to off Contradictions collapse.It might be Paralysing Ignorance I don't know but theres this random polyrhythmic sounding fill that cracks me up everytime I hear it.
Anyone else?

i'm not really thinking of any musicianship that cracks me up but the flaming lips' she don't use jelly is absolutely hilarious
^ Nu metal

I always cack up listening to Children of Bodoms "Oops I did it again" There is a part in the middle where Alexi and Janne start talking to each other in finnish
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And I know its not metal related but John Petruccis sweep in the Stream Of Consciousness solo never fails to make me reach for a bonesaw and start hacking
adam sandler's "at a medium pace" is absolutely highlarious, also I can't keep a straight face listening to dragonforce, very talented guitarists, but they just sound like a 80's computer game, also the lyrics are ultimate cheese
CC ****ed with a knife always made me laugh. From behind I cut her crotch. In her ass I stuck my ****. Killing as I cum? haha Awesome song and I'm sure thats supposed to be brutal and all but come on thats just plain funny.
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Crotchduster's Big Fat Box of Shit album.

And St. Anger.
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STEPHEN LYNCH!! All his songs are funny and no matter how many times I listen to them I always laugh.
Indie in general.
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'Far Beyond Metal' by SYL

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WTF is indie metal?

This thread needs to go back on track. We are talking about METAL songs that make you laugh.

Tbh, I can't say The Chapter Of Obeisance Before Giving Breath To The Inert One In The Presence Of The Crescent Shaped Horns without giggling. And Lord Vampyr made me laugh uncontrollably.
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There's a Sentenced song in which the playing stops suddenly, and you hear this huge burp. I loled.

Also, Gwar. Immortal Coruptor is ace. "The sea is red with blood, the sky is sunny!"
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When i hear the corus to in your face by CoB i always chuckle a little
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Amon Amarth
Coheed and Cambria
Death Cab For Cutie
Every Time I Die
I Killed the Prom Queen
In Flames
Pride Tiger

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Not a proper band, but they should be. But any of Dethklok's tunes on Metalocalypse would make a corpse laugh
BTW i like in flames, cradle of filth and children of bodom
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Blind Guardian's cover of Surfin' USA is pretty funny.

Barbara ann is a way better cover.

anything by crotchduster
Read the lyrics to Bed or Razors by Children of Bodom. It's kinda like a brutal sadomasochist love song. It's great
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CoB - Oops I Did It Again
Waking the Cadaver - Chased Through The Woods By A Rapist, because when i hear it, I dunno the lyrics, and I always think of the parody (shredded wheat).
Cannibal Corpse- I Cum Blood
Dream Theater- A Fortune in Lies....the lyrics are so silly.
Elakaiset- Humppabarbi (humpaa version of the barbie girl song.)
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That last song on God Hates Us All. I always laugh cause its so bad and i can't beleive they put it on the record.
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Invaders by Iron Maiden, I crack up every time the singer goes " Invaders....looting"
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Invaders by Iron Maiden, I crack up every time the singer goes " Invaders....looting"
i concur... that song is mighty silly.

Any power metal where the singer has a prominent Finnish accent is amusing...



I think trivium's chant is hilarious in the anthem fire song on the crusade. The chanting sounds like matt stone and trey parker from southpark. It reminds me of a song from team america or something. the "whoa" and "yeah" part.
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The part in Cannibal Corpse's Stripped Raped And Strangled where that chick goes rape rape rape rape rape rape rape , that always makes me laugh.

Also in that Manowar song, I forget which, where he goes 'If you aren't into metal, you are not my friend!' cracks me up. It reminds me of pre-school kids that get into arguments about everything and then tells everyone they aren't their friend anymore.

EDIT: Also, I like Devin Townsend's funny noise at the start of 'Love'.
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My friend has a crazy old nevermore demo and they sound rediculously gay as hell with guitar tapping solos. That makes me laugh most the time.

That and Domination, the intro where he's like "Dime stinks like a mother****er!!"
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Almost every song by Children Of Bodom makes me laugh. So damn cheesy, and then Alexi starts trying to scream... lol.
The Loser's Ball by Elevenking - great song but damn the vocals are just weird as hell
Bodom After Midnight by CoB - the gang vocals in and the 'Kill kill kill go **** another one!'
Sweating Bullets by Megadeth - the whole song is funny but the part were he starts spazzing 'if the WAAAR inside my head...'
Beer Beer by Korpiklaani - 'Beer beer I want beer from beer I get really drunk'
New Found Land by Leaves Eyes - all those 'yeah's in reply to Liv's singing
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Wenches and Mead by Battleheart - I just love that song... "Hey! Hey! I want more wenches! Hey! Hey! More wenches and mead!"
Most of Bal-Sagoth's stuff.

They're awesome though. :p
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most metal songs in general

True dat. It's mainly because they are trying too hard to be all badass, failing miserably every time. Best example is black metal bands.
<Omri> I love trannys too..
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