hi guys im selling a high quality tele circa 1980
i Just want to make this perfectly clear this is not a fender telecaster
For those of you who dont know

'In the late 70s -80s luthiers in japan and the far east started knocking out many fine strat,tele,Martin and Les Paul copies the quality of these guitars coupled with the lower price embarassed the Established american 'superpowers' of Guitar production that had basically got old fat and lazy , fender strats had become ill put together replicas of there former glory ,i think i read that 40% of fender amps were returned to factory. guitarists noticed this and started buying these jap imports .Basically this has been a great plus for guitarists in general and saw the emergence of ibanez takamine and yamaha as world players. it also gave fender a kick in the cloisters and saw fender japan incorporate squire which for a time produced some great strats and teles before slipping again it also improved QC in america.

so now ive cleared that up

the tele im selling is in V good order with the classic sound with one ding on her
solid body alder i think with maple neck with skunkstripe
3 tone sunburst

fit high quality either wilkinson or schaller tuners to her
rewire to 50s vintage wiring and fit high quality p/ups (if you have a preference please let me know if not she'll be getting a nice strat p/up in the neck and a tele bridge p/up)

fenderising her with a fender logo on the headstock and a fender neckplate (this will mean it will be very difficult to tell shes not a us fender
if you need anything more eg ashtray cover fitted or a bigsby these would be available at a price

which leads me nicely to price id say about just shy of £200 ill get pics up asap!!!
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the second paragraph rant sounds like something jeremy clarkson would say if you replaced the guitar terms with car terms.

anyway get the pics up n00b.

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hey thats my little background story !!!
wait a minute
clarksons made millions with his descriptive wit
thanks mate pics in a week or so!
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theres the pics note the chip out of her on the back shes also been dropped before i had her you cant see it in the pics due to the coulor
my mate also dropped the strat pickup leaving a bit of the coil exposed however it doesnt affect the tone or hum ill throw in 2 single coil p/ups and a nice humbucker to whoever buys this
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I know someone in Ireland who plays banjo and many other instruments, he wants to start guitars. I will be sure to point him in direction of this thread.