Well, i mean since there will be extra space left open, i WANT to get the single coil tone, it's going in the neck pos.
EDIT: im planning on leaving the extra space there for a "ghetto" effect, unless it will totaly ruin the sound.
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I think it will look pretty stupid. Can't you split the humbucker you got now?
Depends on your pickup switcher or whatever it's called. I can get a conversion for my PRS that makes it possible to only use one coil of the humbucker (Right now I have the option to run 1 coil of each humbucker together)
It'll look stupid by leaving the space, and it won't mount properly, anyway. Think about how the pickup mounts in a guitar. The Single coil won't mount on normal Humbucker screw holes.

Splitting a HB NEVER wields the exact same thing as true single coil tone in the first place, anyway. Sounds thin and weak, because it';s half the output of your neck pickup. Look into Series/parallel wiring switching.
if you've ever seen eddie van halens homemade frankentstein guitar you will see that he doesnt have properly fit pickups. and it's definately got that "ghetto" effect going. It doesnt look stupid, its actually pretty cool. However it may just be that the guy is playing unreal guitar on "ghettorific" equipment.

Well I don't know if you can get a kit for your guitar (I doubt it).
But I guess it would be possible to make some modification to the electrics.
But I don't think you can split all humbuckers. But I would prefer having both the Humbucker and a singlecoil sound.

On a PRS guitar you can choose which kind of switch you wan't from the factory. The conversion kit is original parts, but it's not sold by PRS..
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Yeah you dont want to sound like crap on a ghetto guitar. It's like the guy that goes out and buys a dimebolt dean while he can only muster out iron man riff and some nirvana songs.
I have a series/parallel switch on my guitar. Series is standard wiring. Parallel yields a single-coil like tone. It's significantly brighter, so you get that sweet top end of a single coil. It's got a little less output than series wiring, so you get better cleans. Lastly, the best part is that it's still humbucking. That's one gripe I got about single coils. Hum.