that's one of the better pics I've found.....damn that's a sexy guitar!

Anywayz, I was trying out a Hamer standard at my local guitar shop, when this bad boy caught my eye (how could it not?!) So I took it in the back and got it amped up. Even strait out of the box brand new, this sucker screams! I gave it some mega distortion from a boss pedal, and it blew me away with a thick crunch better than my white epi Les Paul. The clean tone was kinda awkward, but I'm a primarily metal player anyway, so it didn't bother me too much.

Anywayz, I was just gonna come here to do one final check for opinions from anyone who owns one to find out whether these guitars have any long term problems I need to know about.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
God damn that's a ****ing ugly guitar.

Specs are good though, if you can stand the shape and it's below $600, go for it.
lolz, I guess my taste in looks is unique! I like it cuz it doesn't look like the same guitar a million other people are playing, plus I like the cheesy 80's metal vibe it's got going on,lolz
I think it looks pretty cool, and it looks like a good buy, I say go for it!!
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