Right, I want the model 4, but nowhere in the uk stocks them. One might occasionally come into denmark st in London, but I'm yet to see one so haven't had a play. i've heard very good things, I still need to try one before I commit but out of all the guitar options they seem the best.

When it comes to actually buying one I will probably do so from the states. In the UK they are £1000, in the states $1000, unless there's some huge economic shift I think the savings are clear, even if I go legit and add 17.5% + 3% tax on import. However, these are music123.com prices, and I've only seen a model 1 and model 2. I can't find anywhere online that stocks a model 4, can anyone help me with this? My knowledge of American guitar stores is pretty limited.

Anyone own one of the redmond series? What do you think? And yes, I have the seen the prices of strings - its about £5 a pack here, which isn't too bad, expecially considering the benefits.
You could google ed roman and he has a lot of guitars. it is based out of las vegas also i dont think that they are $1000 i think they are closer to $500 or so. I am intrested in one also might be my next guitar. hope this helps