hi all. i've started up a death metal project with a fellow lead guitarist and am trying to tab some songs which i have made up. there are loads of harmonies but i dont know how to get them! on other power tab files (from here for example), the two different harmony parts play at the same time. when i try to input a harmony, the two parts play one after the other. how can i get them to play at the same time!? please help.
You click on the little red guitar icon, and a page comes up and you can add a second guitar by clicking another red guitar icon that is on the page thats popped up.

Make sure you use the staves that are connected. Label the top one guitar 1 and the botton one guitar 2 by clicking the guitar in button, a pop up will show the guitars 1 and 2, check the little box for guitar one. Then click on the staff below and label that guitar 2 as before.

Here is what it should look like:
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