hey guys...

i was thinking about getting a schecter c-1 classic in sunburst...
the only problem is that schecter has only ONE f*cking distributer in my country... so I live in Berlin and there's only the one shop in Hannover. online buying is possible.

i mean, the major problem is: 800€ for that lovely guitar... in relation to $600... WHAT?!

the price is almost doubled...

I'm begging you for a reliable retailer that ships to Germany!

thanks in advance, dudes...
order from the retailer in england! you wont have to like add on tax and customs!!


EDIT: Ok, not a great selection.. Try ebay, they usually have Liecensed dealers their!!
email sound control, they can get ANY model in for you.
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but, are they really that cheap?
i mean... i can get this lovely thing on ebay for $700 plus maybe... mh... $50 shipping costs...

is it really better to order at that shop?
i don't know how many pounds you'll have to pay for that...