Well i've been just starting out on acoustic to get the hang of it, been able to play pretty good on it imo.

Anyways, I went out and bought the squire Fender strat pack, because it seemed the easiest route for me. Not the best, but what can you do?

Now to my problem... i'm at that roadblock where I can play what I like so far, but can't find anything I can learn. I've looked in find the song threads, but nothing comes to mind and i can play most easy things. I'm also not to good at setting the levels on my guitar/amp to make it sound perfect yet. I like to play slower stuff with heavy riffs like tool - lateralus, i can walk right through it and love it. Anyone know of some good ones?

I liek stuff with solos, atreyu - lip gloss and black, always have loved that solo.
I also want harder songs to just play over and over and over until i get it.

I hope I don't get trashed for making this, as i'm not only asking what songs but also other ways to practice up.
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How about learning your scales and making your own solo's ?

I do play through scales, jsut not make my own solos.
You sound like me a little while back, and with similar music tastes, so i can tell you what worked for me, although obv. that was me so it may not be exactly the same for you.

it sounds cliched, and most people will give the same advice, but theory is invaluable. even if you dont get proper involved, learn the full minor pentatonic scale, learn how it fits together on the fretboardand what it means to play in key, and youve got yourself hours of dicking about right there learning new ways to play as well as maybe getting some melodies or riffs out of it. as for songs to learn, the intro/tapping section in lipgloss as black is easy as all hell with minimal practise, the main lead part in deanne the arsonist is good for learning position changes and sounds ace, also if you are a fan of right side of the bed the solo in that is easier than it sounds, and obviously sounds great! as for tool, couldnt recommend you a better song than lateralus really so youve got that sorted. im not sure what other bands you like, if you are a fan of mastodon then ive gotta say that some of their songs are the most fun/satisfying to play that i know of, kinda tricky depending on your skill level, im sure you could manage some. hope this helps!
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