Still don't have the music to lyrics I wrote a few days ago.
I have other songs I could play, but this is my first major gig and I want to play my best song.
I still can't come up with a melody or chords or anything...
Any help on how to get inspiration or make it easier to write music for this song?
In my experience you can't force good material....it has to come out of a semi natural process. I would say play some of your other material, and work on stuff for you later gigs.
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yeh dont force it. Use one of your other songs for now.
I will shred in the end!!
I would say follow this advice after the show, dont put this together right now....
but i've found that if you play along near a drum track, you'll come up with something that sounds nice.
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Quote by GiantRaven
You have no chance, work on it after the show

It'll end up a better song because of it


and besides.. if you dont have any instrumentation for it.. how can it be your best song?