I was thinking about getting a Behringer Ultrabass 450w 2x10 combo, but i need to know about the durability and longevity of their HEADS in general. I can replace a speaker with ease, but i dont even wanna think about opening up a 450 w head...ill be fried extra crispy.
I wouldn't trust the heads. From what I've heard, the cabs aren't actually all that bad but I've got a combo and it's been working on and off for a few weeks now after having it around 2 years.
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Behringer durability is not existent, plain and simple.
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Behringer doesn't always make bad gear...they're just unpredictable. My combo is holding up pretty damn well after a few months of frequent loudness. I got lucky though....you might not get so fortunate.

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i agree... not all people have 1000bucks for a good amp...
its not the best, buts its better then playing without an amp, or computer speakers ..
I have the 450 watt head and the matching 410 bottom that I take out on the road every weekend. I bought this rig after smoked my Ampeg. I have been shopping around for new Ampeg but really havent decided which model I want to go with. My point about the Behringer is that I have had no problems with this amp. Loud as a bastard it keeps right up with the JCM800 on the other side of the stage. The tone is pretty good and and seems somewhat more consistant from one bass to the next. For the money I figure I can play this thing right into ground and not whine a bit. In fact I have already played it at enough shows that is payed for itself a few times over. When I get my new Ampeg I will use the behringer to keep the miles down on the Ampeg.
Sweet thanx aristotle, i played the amp and ive already found the tone i like i just need to know its not a lemon