Hi everybody.

I've been playing guitar for a year, and i just want your advice.

2 days ago, i went to a music store to look for a new guitar. So, i go through the available Ibanez ones, and choose to test the RG 350. The thing is that, I'm really shy, and there were about 20 people in the shop who were waiting for me to play something. That b*tch (yeah, the shop assistant) puts the amp really loud . Usually, when I'm alone in my room, I play some Metallica stuff, some jazz and blues improvisations, and some classical pieces (but anyway, i'm a metalhead more than anything else) . So back to the shop : i feel like this thing in my hands is a strange and scary thing , my hands start to REALLY sweat, and i feel like i've been playing for a few hours during the last week end only . Everybody's staring at me, I just couldn't play a single note. I tried playing some blues, but forgot all my licks and quickly got messy ... I just thought "What the f**k am i doin here ?! I'm playing like some 16 yo cr*p !!!" (anyway, the guitar wasn't really well tuned ). after a minute or so, i feel really sick, and i take the guitar, ask for a case, hand the money and go out (i didn't even say bye ).

I really need some help : this was the worst musical experience in my whole life. I never felt so unconfortable, that was the first time i play in front of strangers ... I'm getting into a band, and i'm the only shy guy, the others have barely no problem .. The thing is that I'm the only guitarist now, and if we ever want to play live in high school, even some simple song, I'm sure to totally mess up ....

So now that you know my situation, could you please tell me if this is all right, and also, how to practice guitar. I go to school at 7 am and get home at 7 pm. I usually work for school an hour or two. I want to make real quick progress : I want to be able to shred, to play complex palm mute rythms, and mainly, be able to play in front of people. I'm feeling really uncomfortable right now . Could you please help ?
Try practicing in front of your immediate family and maybe build it up to some of your friends, then gran and grandads, aunts and uncles. You will eventually find yourself ignoring them and focusing on the notes you're playing. I am a little nervous when playing bass in front of people but i pull it off. Just keep your head down, keep thinking that you're playing well and forget your audience are there. Don't try to impress too much.
Solution 1: Get some balls.

Solution 2: Get some fukking balls.

REAL Solution: Go deep into your subconscious and find what you are afraid of. Then, use self-hypnosis to tell yourself that you have no need to fear it. Always works for me

EDIT: I'm serious. If you tell yourself long enough that there is nothing to be afraid of, you start to believe yourself
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you should have stood up for yourself and turned the amp down, I would have been in the same seat as you wioth the people staring at you, do something instead of get pushed around your whole life!
You'll find when you get better at guitar (you've only been playing for a year, don't expect to be good), you'll become more confident, as you will most likely want to show off your talents.

You just have to practise that talent for a looong time first Good luck
You cant just pick up the guitar and expect to be an instant "shred-master", although some of us (definately not me) are gifted with that talent. Just practice scales and such. And about being nervous, remember this, when you are on stage...you are not the ONLY one there. Attention is spread to each member of the band, they are watching your bandmates too, you are not alone. And if you are playing by yourself infront of strangers, just look at your hands and concentrate on your movements, dont pay attention to the other people. If someone starts giving you crap, hit a wicked sounding bend and hold it while giving them the stink eye...

one more thing. If you are playing one of your own creations, remember that they have never heard that song before, so they dont know if you are making mistakes...

hope that helped!
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thanks everybody
i just think i have to work a lot more
i've just bought a loop station, i think that will help me ...
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Solution 1: Get some balls.

Solution 2: Get some fukking balls.

hahaha... hahahahahahahahaha. +1

go back to the shop, pick up the most expensive guitar, plug it into the biggest amp and play some power chords, then maybe a few licks
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Even if you are just "okay," that shouldn't stop you from playing at your school or such. Playing live is what helps you learn and become confident fastest, I would argue. Generally, if you start playing live you'll meet a lot of the other musicians of varying skill levels. The guys below you will make you confident, and the guys above you will help you learn things and show you where you can improve. I started out playing coffeehouse at my highschool in grade 10. I was by myself, playing songs on an acoustic (when all I ever played was electric), and I didn't even pick songs that were interesting without accompaniment. Try playing Megalomaniac on an acoustic by yourself in front of 50 people you don't know for the first time ever. Yeah, it's nerve wracking. However, as a result of putting myself out there and starting early, by the time I was finished grade 12, I was asked to play in the Jazz band, and every time a coffeehouse came along (once a month) I didn't even have to look for a song to do. I would literally have a dozen people ask me to accompany them on a song (and I did them all ). I would not be worth a shit as a guitarist right now if I never started playing live early.

Now, as much as that was meant to *maybe* inspire you, it doesn't really help you with your immediate issue. Most people are scared shitless of guitar shops. They are usually cramped, and there's probably a half dozen very good players showing off at various areas of the shop. However, every one of those talented bastards at one point was in your shoes. The best way to get over your fear? Don't be afraid to admit your inexperience. If you don't know how a standby tube amp works and can't get any sound to come out of it, ask somebody how to do it. A lot of the time it doesn't even have to be someone who works there. Most of the talented show offs are happy to help people, as it gives them an ego boost. And if they turn it up too much, just turn it down! Don't do anything you're uncomfortable with, and remember you are there for you. Play what you feel like playing to test out the guitar. Don't play because you feel like everyone's watching you and expecting something awesome. Most of all, just take it easy, ask questions, and don't be afraid to turn things down, or adjust things, or whatever you need to feel comfortable in there.

As far as playing live goes, the first few times always suck, and you're always completely nervous. The only thing you can really do is just try to relax, not worry to much, and really practice your material both by yourself and with your band. If you know the songs really well, chances are things will go okay. Just be glad you're not the singer, where stress can completely change the pitch and tone of your instruments. If you put your fingers in the right spots and hit the right strings, you'll be fine. And once you've done it once or twice, you'll feel much better the next time. Generally you can be sub-par and people will still tell you did a good job (whether you did or didn't). Most people seem to realize you're new and probably crazy nervous, and will be happy to offer you some reassurance.

Sorry to rant forever.... Good luck!
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the drummer and guitarist in my first band were the same to overcome it we started inviting people to come to our practices. it worked they got over it and our first gig was infront of about 300 people
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the drummer and guitarist in my first band were the same to overcome it we started inviting people to come to our practices. it worked they got over it and our first gig was infront of about 300 people

Yeah, I meant to mention that too. Most people are happy to sit there and goof off and listen to you play, so if you're starting to get a bit of a set going, invite over a bunch of your buddies. My band did that, and it definitely helped. Our first gig we were all nervous as hell, but it was for St. Patty's day, so we all died our hair green, and when we went to go on, all the people who'd been to our practices cheered us on, and it really helped.
Main Gear:
Cort G-Series 254
Takamine EG345C 12-String
Fender Squier P-Bass

Peavey Classic 50
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