I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm a total novice to guitar playing and guitars in general, but was lucky enough to start on a dean Icon electric. After playing for 5 months wanted to try acoustic/electric and purchased the Esteban package. I put the Dean away and have been trying to practice for 2 weeks (about 4 hours a day). I just couldn't get this thing down (am playing along with DVD's by the way). As an after thought I got the Dean back out and tried the same lessons with it. The difference is night and day. Stuff i breeze through with the Dean I can't touch with the esteban. I noticed that the strings are heavier and and the bridge set them alot higher from the fretboard. Is it reasonable to have some work done to this guitar? Better strings for sure, but can the bridge be cut down to lower the strings? I'm also thinking about getting grover tuners put on it. I don't mind putting a little money into it it's actually a nice looking guitar or do you recommend I just look for something else. Thanks for any suggestions.
i fell for that freaking infomercial when i was totally lit off from weed. its a total crap guitar, plastic fretboard? omg. and the pearl inlay? haha lol. man, sorry to say but there's nothing you can do about the bridge or the action. try lower gauge strings if u like. don't put no grover tuners in it, try to sell it and get another one seriously. i burnt mine
btw, do not i repeat DO NOT put any fretboard oil on the fretboard. because apparently the plastic fretboard was color with black sharpie, any kind of fretboard oil will make it come off and get all over the strings or your hand.
Yeah, Esteban guitars are not worth putting any money into. Its more valuable as firewood.

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"Its made of PVC!"
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Thanks guys I won't bother with it then. Wonder if a dean acoustic/electric (exotica andres catches my eye) will play anything like my icon. Any thoughts?
I figured i'd at least put some strings on this guitar. I have some loyalty to this package for what it has taught me and didn't want to just shitcan it. While at the place the guy looked at it and said "i've seen worse, but I think I can do a few things for it." So I told him to go ahead. He put Martin SP 11's on it, straightened the neck and lowered the action. The results were incredible. It's not up to the standards of the Dean (V-Wing) I just bought, but it's miles ahead of where it was. No buzz anywhere. It plays cleanly and rivals guitars alot more expensive. So glad i had it worked on. $25 saved me hundreds in the long run and now I got a guitar I can take anywhere without worrying about damaging it or whatever. If anybody has Estebans laying around, take'em down and get them fixed. What I had done to this really increased it's value for me and it's playability improved dramatically.