Poll: How do you mute yours?
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Picking hand
35 59%
Fretting hand (Patting)
26 44%
Other method?
6 10%
Voters: 59.
That other muting thread reminded me to finally post this..

Well? do you mute your strings when you want to stop them ringing or whatever with your picking hand or fretting hand? I have always done it with my picking hand and have become quite fast and efficient at it but I just noticed in some videos, particularly people covering Pantera's Walk their fretting hand seems to be 'patting' the fretboard.

Poll up asap...

i usually use my picking hand but sometimes fretting hand to get other kinda sound like screaming
I use both in different sutuations.
for example: If I play long legato runs then I use my picking hand to mute most strings but often I mute the strings I play on too. so instead I make sure my index finger mute one string up and one down from were it is. sometimes a bit hard but works good for me.
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on electric i use my fret hand unless im playing anywhere near a harmonic, then I use my pick hand... on acoustic i use my pick hand only but i play more slap acoustic than anything.. so yeah....

Yea when I tried the fretting hand muting I found I kept touching harmonics lol.
I said fretting but I think it's a bit of both.
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picking hand. much faster for me.
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Like two people said.. Both Depending on the situation.... And if you hit harmonics.. Try muting on the first fret or between the frets and its a bit harder to hit a harmonic my accident there
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both I guess I only just thought about it when I saw this thread.......

if I'm using my picking hand to palm mute then I'll use my fretting hand, but if I'm just resting it on the bridge then I'll use my picking hand. if your doing this to find out what most people do to give you an idea how to I'd say do what the other guy said and try both and see what works best for you. if it's just out of interest then interesting thread ..... well it got me thinking lol
I use both, depending on what I want to acheive. They make different sounds after all.
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I use both when I play ska and I use my fretting hand to mute notes I don't want to ring when I'm strumming single notes or chords.
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both.. depending on the situation, as everyone else said loll!
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i generally use palm muting but ocassionally i use patting if its necessary for the song im doing

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I use both. It all depends what kind of rhythm I am playing.
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I mute with my fretting hand when im playing chords and stuff, but i use my picking hand during solo's and licks.
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I use both at the same time.
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personally i would prefer picking hand since its alot easier~ but does anyone has a vid or somethin that shows you how ya actually do palm muting? coz i always tends make mistake while doin this palm muting as in hitting the harmonics or mess up wif the tone now and then