ok so I'm trying to tab the little lick buddy guy does at 2:52 to 2:56 on this vid:


It sounds like some kind of double stops with an open string, anyway my question is:
Is there a name for this technique that I can look up?
and also is there any other song where he uses this lick?

Any help appreciated!
looks like he's fingerpicking to get that staccato sound, probably on the 2nd and 4th strings.

damn, buddy guy puts on an awesome show.
one of my favorite buddy guy techniques. srv does it alot too.
use travis picking or hybrid picking.

theres obviously more, but you should get the idea now. he just keeps playing things with the g blues scale and keeps playing the high g throught out. i beleive its caled a pedal tone.

edit: some other songs are both buddy and srv version of mary had a little lamb. buddy uses it alot so just listen to alot of his older stuff
no problem golden gloves. have fun with it.
the funny thing is i had a feeling you were asking about that lick begore i watched the video haha.
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