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Its the first song. Its meant to be short, and serve as an Intro, or possibly interlude. Feel free to comment on the other stuff I have too (the last two are Guitar Pro files as MP3s), that'd be cool, though I'm mainly interested in thoughts for the first one. Thanks a lot.
i like the idea of using that as an interlude. the playing couldve been a little tighter, but it carries a good feel to it so keep it up. i really like one of the melodies about 16 seconds in, idk why but that one jumped out at me.

mind giving me a listen?
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tell me what you think
Yeah, keep in mind that I just recorded this on a crappy old computer mic, which is why the tone isn't amazing. Personally, I kinda like the loose feeling, I don't think anything is like "thats way out of time", or sloppy, just feels laid back. Thanks for the comments, any others are much appreciated.
i didn't say it was way out of time. just barely noticible on the part with the lead and picked riff.
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That was pretty awesome dude. *Looks to download* Awh its not downloadble

Anyway good job, you can hear the influences from the bands you've listed. Pretty much spot on, I don't think the tone needs changing, maybe go down an octave, but thats all I can think of. Good job.

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Nice job, especially for being recorded on a bad microphone. I also like the tone in that part at the end, but I think it could go down an octave as well; it was kind of piercing. I definitely think you should work some more on this; it sounds pretty awesome.

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And by the way, Inahrima, those are pretty nice pictures you have there.