I am thinking of selling my Boss DS-2, TU-2, GE-7, CE-5 and Jim Dunlop cry baby in order to finance either a Boss ME-50 or Line 6 Floor Pod. Is this a good idea? If so what one is better or am I better off sticking to seperate pedals? Anyone done this and regretted it or is it the way forward? I only play at home and want a better sound. Any advice here would really help.

well i recommend sticking with stomp boxes, digital effect units tend to sound harsh, and processed (unrealistic), where as the stomp boxes somewhat keep the natural warmth of the tone (depending if u have stomp boxes). If your looking for portability, and ease of use, go digital, but if your looking to keep good tone, u need to go stomp boxes.
Stick to single effects if you prefer tone over versatility; I know I sure do.
yeah single effects. no question about it.
multi effects are a total waste of money
if your ejust playing at home and you want to experiment with different sounds, i say go for a multi fx. Its not like youre cranking your amp, and rocking out all the time. THe single pedals would sound better in a live rig, and sometimes in the studio.

go try a some multi fx pedals, like the line 6 POD, and make up your mind, i fyou like the sounds go for it, itll give you much more than a single pedal for home jamming.

dont forget that it really depends on what youre playing through. Lots of musciians use digital effects, and you wouldnt even knwo it. Its how well you integrate it with your gear.

versatility vs tone? its not that simple, you can completely keep your amp tone, and use hte mutli fx for fx purposes only. A lot of people do this and they don't get slagged for being too 'digital' sounding, or 'harsh'.

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