This is for and lead/rhythum guitarists bassists and drummers (ages 14-16 dont have be brilliant lol) who are looking to jam about possibly play some gigs in the leicestershire area im based in lutterworth but can probably travel abit depending i play rhythum and abit of lead but not much main infulences are: pantera, metallica, down, SRV, and a load others iv been playing for about 1 and abit years now. any interst then comment here or PM me and ill give you my email thanks

got your ad
im at college atm in the leics area i play lead guitar or just any guitar lol have been playing around a year now inf pantera, trivium, mastodon, testament,

play a lot of heavy metal/thrash playing pull harder on the strings by trivium for music college assesment play a lot of trivium learnin testament, playin slayer too

also play/write alot of lead licks and solo lines so realy enjoy shredding and working on sweep picking too

currently im playing squier strat(only been playin one year so stil on that lol) im upgradin soon to either a jackson or esp probs so yeh

im 17 btw that a prob?

msn is dermot_spades@hotmail.co.uk add me or reply to this i guess

yeh cool man im guna be on msn all tonite and wenver else so msn me yeh

dude for some reason your not on my msn offline list n ur not on atm so im guna add ur msn k

chat laters

cool well i'll be on msn tonite about 9 15 to 9 30 then from bout 10 til wenever