what are some good excercises for improving speed and accuracy when soloing or playing lead?
first two frets with index and middle. 2 and 3 frets with midddle and ring. 3 and 4 frets with ring and pinky. go up for example. 1-2(up one strinig ) 1-2(up one string. also caterpillar the fret board. example: 123456789101112
Play to a metronome. metronomeonline.com is a decent free deal. Just play a simple pattern like

and continue up and down the neck to the 12th fret. When you can do that faster and faster, you can mix up the pattern or do triplets or something, experiment. Good luck!
Thanks, I already have a decent knowledge of scales, and I play them in triplets and stuff to practice, but I kinda want to clean up my playing a bit.
Then slow it down and make sure youre playing it perfectly before speeding up.
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