thats a really interesting song. i cant honestly understand many of the lyrics, but they have that really cool chant effect going for them. the guitar intro was really good, nice tone on it, and the synth strings were a nice touch. good work overall.

give me a listen when you get the chance
>> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=534929
The song is very good, indeed has that epic sound, although I wish you're vocalist could deliver the epic vocals (in my opinion, they are sung far too plainly ).

Very nice synth as well. I really like the ending, that starts right before 4:00. In my opinion it is the strongest musically part of the song.
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Check it out
Thanks for the feedback guys. Ye I agree vocals could be improved a bit, and ye I think the tone is quite good even though I recorded it on one of them crappy computer mikes!!
This was really cool. It was, in fact, very epic. That's great that you accomplished your goal. I love the acoustic guitar, synth, and echoey, epic vocals. It makes me want to jump on my steed and go out on a quest. It sounds kind of like tenacious d because it has that folk rock epicness to it. The piano works great for it and so do those crazy vocals. I thought this was really cool. There is some like blowing noise thing on your mic sometimes, but this is so cool because it sounds like the wind blowing...very epic! My favorite part is the one shortly after 2min when the vocals kind of change and the guitar rhythm does too. I love the "lie till you wake" part with the synths. That sounds awesome. Great job. This was one of the best songs I've heard on here. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
I listened to bleed, and probably the coolest part was the guitar riff. It sounds almost like the songs I hear on the college radio stations. I say almost because the sound quality was a bit low.

As for lie till you wake, I liked the build up. The acoustic guitar fits very well. As for the vocals, I couldn't really make out the lyrics too well, except for "Lie till you wake".

by the way, can you crit mine please: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=536286
That song wasn't bad but I really like Gary's Addiction. I actually was engaged throughout the song so props on that. That could be a good song. It may be one of my favorites I have heard on these forums. Great job. If you could find my song that I have been working on it's called "That Man" and the thread may be on the 2nd page not sure. Sorry for no link but I came into this not thinking I would reply so good job.
lie till you wake is awesome, whoever could compose such a song is truly talented. bleed was good too although the solos werent very good and I felt as though they dragged a bita and didnt fit with the overall structure of the song. but i really liked the singin!
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